Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Lifestyle Changer

I feel truly blessed to have found Young Living Essential Oils and be a part of this dynamic and caring organization.   For over a year now, I have been actively trying to remove chemicals from our family home.  From dryer sheets (I now use wool dryer balls which should last me forever, seriously), to laundry pods (see my previous post), to diffusers that double as air fresheners and humidifiers, to wood floor cleaners.  Truly - I used to be the gal who insisted that her husband clean the bathroom with all the windows open otherwise it would trigger an asthma attack.

After doing a year’s worth of research, I decided upon Young Living Essential Oils.  I found Young Living to be deeply committed to the purity and quality of their oils, from Seed to Seal. Their oils go through a strenuous testing and distilling process in order for them to be most effective and safe. Oils you can purchase at stores, while they may be cheaper, have no regulations, meaning they can be adulterated with chemicals and water to make them go further. Young Living Essential Oils are the only ones I know and trust enough to share with you. 

Quick note, did you know that there are over 200 references to aromatics, incense and ointments in the Bible?  Many oils such as frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and rosemary were used for anointing and healing the sick.  When I read all about this, I really did feel that God was nudging me towards this option for my family.

I started slowly - with Peppermint.  I had read that when the throbbing started in my head, I should use Peppermint.  So, that’s exactly what I did (after two doses of an over-the-counter medication) - see, I too was skeptical at first.  So, after four hours and no relief, I finally rubbed the Peppermint on my temples.  20 minutes later I was amazed to tell my husband that I was pain free.  But, next came the real test - asking my husband (THE ULTIMATE SKEPTIC) to use it. Telling him to rub Peppermint Oil on his temples was akin to asking him to “rub a penny on a wart and then burying it in the backyard”.  Apologies to my mother-in-law for that reference!  But, after badgering him enough, he agreed.  And you know what - he came to me about 15 minutes later and was a believer.

From there we branched out into diffusing Lemon-Lavender-Peppermint (LLP) to help with seasonal nasal issues.  One morning my husband discovered that he was out of his OTC medication so I started diffusing LLP in his office.  About 2 hours later he stopped by my office and told me that whatever was diffusing in his office 1) smelled great; and 2) helped stop his sniffling, sneezing, and watery eyes.

 We are now a family of believers.  My kids love Lemon Myrtle and swear that it makes them nicer to each other.  Our dog tends to freak out over fireworks, and this year I patted his fur with Peace and Calming.  He was more calm than in years past (even falling asleep while the fireworks were still going off in our neighborhood).

So How Do I Use the Oils? 

* Inhale - deep breaths of the bottle or by diffusing {my favorite method}

* Topically - apply directly to the skin or diluted with a carrier oil

* Ingest - through drops placed in water or foods or by gelatin capsule

The uses are endless!

What Kit Would You Recommend for Starting Out?
I would highly recommend starting with the Premium Kit.  The Premium Starter Kit contains everything you need to start and experience these oils for an amazing value.  This kit includes the 10 Everyday Oils, Stress Away Oil Roll-On, 10 Essential Oil Samples, Ningxia Red Samples, references for getting started, and the Diffuser {which alone is $100}.   A $300 value for $150! to start out - everything you need to get started at a exceptional value of $150 (over $300 value).  That seemed a little hefty to me at first, but I can say it's saved us money in the long run from over-the-counter drugs, cleaning supplies, and probably doctors visits.

Why Choose the "Wholesale Option" When Signing Up?
If you choose the “Wholesale Option” when you sign up then you automatically receive a 24% discount and you have the option of earning commissions when others join - but this part is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  {However, if you're like me the benefits will compel you to share with your family and friends!}

You automatically get the wholesale discount without any commitments to sell.

If you are interested in remaining an active distributor, you need to order a minimum of 50PV {point value - equal to dollars} a year.

Regardless, there are NO Minimum Orders. NO Monthly Fees. NO Obligations. NO Selling Requirements. {How refreshing!}

So How Do I Sign Up?
1. Click here to begin the enrollment process. {It's a cinch.}

2. Wholesale Membership is already selected so that you can automatically receive the 24% off. {No-brainer}

3. Double check to make sure my member # 2675901 is in the Sponsor ID and Enroller spots.

4. Choose to enroll in the Essential Rewards program, or click "No Thank You", try the oils out first and come back to this later.

5. Be sure to include your email so I can invite you to a private Facebook group. {Amazing support. Amazing.}  I'm so excited to let you in on this part. When you sign up under me, I can add you to a private Facebook Group over 2,000 strong. It's an instant community to learn from filled with resources, and others who are learning about the amazing benefits of oils right along side of you! {Waayyyy better than Dr. Google!} And your welcome to contact me anytime with questions or support.

6. Choose the kit you want to get started {see above why I highly recommend the Premium Kit option} and add anything else to you may want to order.

7. Sit by your doorstep waiting for your box to arrive. {Your delivery man may or may not be opposed to hugging. Ask first.}

How Can I Share Young Living with Others and Reap the Benefits? 

When you sign up, you'll receive a member # to give to family and friends who are interested in joining, which earns commissions for you to use to purchase oils or to help your earn some extra cash!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Recently I embarked on the Essential Oil journey.  This wasn't something that I jumped into quickly - I took almost a year before I committed to one company.  After much research and prayerful consideration, I decided on Young Living.  I like many things about this company including their Purity Promise of Seed to Seal, their International Farms, their Variety of Products (oils, home products, health products and personal care items), and their Biblical References to Oils.  And so far, I haven't been disappointed.  In fact, my kids and husband are even on board - asking me almost daily what we are going to put in our home diffuser, or if they can have a roller ball of a certain oil (my daughter just asked for Lemon because she likes how it perks her up in the afternoon at school).

So, I wanted to share with you how I recently incorporated Essential Oils into my daily laundry regime.  I made these Laundry Pods and have been in love ever since!

Here is the recipe if you'd like to make them for yourself.:

DIY Laundry Pod Recipe
Ingredients (I found everything at my local Wal-Mart)
3 cups washing soda
1 cup Fels-Naptha bar soap
4 T Epsom Salt
6T hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup vinegar
Essential Oils (I used Citrus Fresh)
  1. Grate fels naptha, mix in a bowl with washing soda and Epsom Salt.
  2. Add hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  It should resemble wet sand.
  3. Add in 30 drops of Essential Oils.
  4. Press into tablespoon sized balls and drop onto cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
  5. Let sit and dry for 8 hours
  6. Store in an airtight container and enjoy your laundry day!!  One laundry pod per load of laundry.  Place laundry pod directly in washer.
If I can ever answer any questions for you about Young Living or Essential Oils, please let me know. I would love to join you on this journey and am constantly amazed by all the uses for oils in my family's daily life.  If you are interested in joining the Young Living family, here is a link for you to sign-up.  Young Living New Member Sign-Up
I promise that you won't be disappointed in the products or the company and I will be here to help you along the way.